Zika Alert Continues


The BVI remains on Zika alert, as Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Ronald Georges advised that the current intermittent rain pattern requires the implementation of preventative measure to keep Zika and other vector borne viruses out of the Territory.

The BVI’s reinvigorated Zika fight ties in with the “Caribbean Mosquito Awareness Week” program that is being held from 9-15 May throughout the region. The initiative is piloted by the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA); and is being observed under the theme, ‘Small Bite Big Threat: Fight the Bite, Destroy Mosquito Breeding Sites’

Dr. Georges in reference to the Week’s objectives said: “Activities such as this reminds us of the measures that we have to put in place as individuals and communities to raise awareness and build support. The Caribbean continues to report new cases of ZIKA, because of this, and as we are in the midst of a rainy period, we are encouraging the community to continue its efforts to reduce mosquito breeding sites around their premises.”

In February, the Chief Medical Officer announced that the arrival of Zika to the Territory was inevitable: “We need to look at Zika as inevitability—the same way that Chikungunya made its trek across the Americas we have to look at Zika doing the same thing; so eventually we will have a confirmed case in the British Virgin Islands,” he announced.