Zero Tolerance For Traffic Offenders: RVIPF Commisioner Says


Earlier this week Commissioner of Police Michael Matthews announced that hurricane Irma has given traffic offenders new excuses for breaking the laws of the public roads. The Commissioner said that the RVIPF will in turn make no excuse for enforcing and taking action.

While speaking to reporters on 29 January Mr. Matthews stated that while he is cognizant of the damages Irma caused, he is not accepting the many Irma excuses. “It is interesting though that even the most respectable in society think it is ok to drive around in uninsured vehicles or vehicles with dangerous parts hanging off them with the same excuse of ‘oh its Irma, there are no vehicle parts in the territory’,” the Commissioner stated.

In pointing out the common traffic infractions Matthews said: “My officers are finding it now that they are prosecuting people for driving around without licence plates on quite frequently now and the excuse is ‘it was blown off by Irma’, well tell that to the magistrate and see if the magistrate believes you. Or ‘I couldn’t get it insured because of Irma’ why is that, ‘oh the insurance office is damaged’. Lots and lots of new excuses are coming out.”

As it further relates to traffic issues the Commissioner said that young persons are particular guilty of contravening the law: “I am not picking on the young people in this Territory but in particular younger elements of our society have chosen to continue to break our traffic laws.”

He noted that the scooter riders are especially notorious and that the Force is now exercising zero tolerance in dealing with the riders of scooters caught breaking the laws: “The message is very clear, a scooter is an expensive investment, particularly for a young person, but you know what? If you are going to break the law and ride around without a helmet or ride around recklessly, no licence, no insurance, and we catch you and we are catching you, we are going to seize the scooter and the direction I am giving is send them and scrap them”

“Take them down at a wrecker and have the scooters crushed up because people got to learn that there are laws in the Territory despite what happened, because we all know a lot of these people were breaking the traffic laws of this Territory long before the hurricanes came

 In further making this point the Commissioner said that his job is to enforce and he pointed out that the Governor or the Government did not make a policy of flexibility in the traffic enforcement regard. Therefore he said that the RVIPF will “continue to prosecute.”