ZBVI Radio is back in all of its glory, after losing its tower last year. The new 300ft tower was dedicated on 30 January after the old one that stood proudly for many decades was pulled down by a vehicle in 2013.

Sandra Potter-Warrican, Operations Manager at ZBVI told the media gathering that 9 March, 2013 was a very traumatic day for the radio station. “The tower that stood here before this new one had held its ground for decades, through wind storms and hurricanes the likes of Marilyn…and the dreaded hurricane Hugo in 1989, but was brought down so unceremoniously in a freak accident involving a vehicle,” she stated.

Suffice it to say that from that day to this almost a full calendar year has elapsed and it has been quite the journey, one that we are going to be very happy and blessed to be at the hind end of. For this reason we offer our appreciation to a merciful God, our supportive community and we are here to ask the blessing on this new structure so that it too can stand for another five decades,” Potter-Warrican added.

The Operations Manager disclosed that the dedicated tower was actually the second tower that was ordered for ZBVI after the one was wrecked: “If you ask us where is the first one —we don’t know. Until now, we don’t know where it is. The tower was manufactured by Belmont structures in North Carolina and it was sent by Belmont in a container truck through South Carolina, Georgia and into Florida, but she said that it was until during the weekend after no sight of the tower that they were told that it appears that the tower had been stolen. Who managed to take a containerized truck with that much steel we don’t know but it went missing and we didn’t have time to sit down and try to find out who took it, we needed a tower because the people needed ZBVI back on stream. She said that they got a Ohio company to create a new tower, and they had Tropical Shipping pick it up and make sure it was on its way,” she stated.

Pastor Esme Potter recalled the day the 300 feet tower went down and stated how happy she is that ZBVI is fully back: “The morning when we awoke and for some reason we couldn’t get our beloved ZBVI, everybody was wondering what had gone wrong; except those who had known about the accident. It was later in the day that I knew what happened and we were so disappointed, and for so many months we suffered sometimes hardly hearing the voice of those who were speaking were below the static it seemed like the static and noise was always above the static, and we could not get what we wanted.”

Minister for Communications and Works, Hon. Mark Vanterpool congratulated ZBVI Radio and announced that the station has been a part of the public for a very long time.

Managing Director, of ZBVI Mr Merritt Herbert was brief in his remarks and said: “All I am going to say is thanks…We will keep doing what we can for as long as we can.”

The publishers, management and staff of The Island Sun extend their heartfelt congratulations to ZBVI and wish them all the success they deserve, now and for many generations to come.