Youth Unemployment Seen As a Source Of Grave Problems


The People’s Empowerment Party (PEP) is urging the community to act now, and not wait until there is a major incident to consider the social development needs of the youths. President of PEP, Mr. Natalio Wheatley and Vice President, Elford Parsons made comments about the youths, and social issues during the Party’s radio program on January 26.

Mr. Parsons said: “It is our view that young people are at the forefront of social problems in the Virgin Islands, and a number of corrective actions we believe can be taken.”

His colleague Mr. Wheatley concurred with the comment, and announced that the matter of social issues needs more attention. Mr. Wheatley announced: “I believe that this is an area that is sorely lacking attention. It’s a great case of neglect going on in the Virgin Islands today as it pertains to the social development of our young people and other social groups in the Territory, we should not wait until we have a big incident.”

He announced that the recent murder that occurred in Road Town and other criminal news stories are indicators that times are changing: “When I was growing up I don’t remember the frequency of murders armed robberies and other things that are taking place today. As we can clearly see, we have a growing problem on our hands; and the attention that is required to be able to address this situation has been insufficient in my humble opinion. We shouldn’t wait until we have an incident, all life is precious,” Wheatley stated.

In explaining, why urgent attention is needed the PEP Candidate said: “Our economy is built on the twin pillars of financial services and tourism. You don’t want to wait for something horrible to happen to one of our visitors, it hits the worldwide news; and all of a sudden your economy is in real trouble. You know they do a program on the dangers of the Virgin Islands you don’t want to wait till that.”

“We also know about all of the string of robberies that have been taking place throughout the community. You don’t want to wait for somebody to have something happen to them while they are in their home, where they are supposed to feel safe and secure. We have to take some preventative measures, and our strategy is predicated on prevention being much better than the cure. We have to prevent these things from taking place in order to keep our people on the right track,” he added.