Youth Policy Launched


The promised launch for the Youth Policy took place on 27 April at Maria’s by the Sea hotel, and it was announced that the launch now paves the way for the other recommended youth structures such as the National Youth Commission, National Youth Council and Youth Parliament.

During the ceremony Minister for Education and Culture, Hon. Myron Walwyn announced that from as early as July, the youths of the Territory will have the opportunity to take ownership of this Youth Policy; as the BVI prepares them to be a part of the sitting of the Commonwealth Youth Parliament at the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association’s meeting. This meeting will take place here in the British Virgin Islands.

The Minister stated that the Youth Parliament will enable young people across the Territory to develop their skills and to advocate meaningfully on different platforms and themes that impact them. “The Parliament contributes to a strong and secure Territory by developing our young people and by their participation, allowing them to mature as politically accountable and responsible citizens, grounded in a civic consciousness, national identity, democracy and the rule of law, and respect for rights and diversity,” Hon. Walwyn said.

In the period of preparation for the Youth Parliament Hon. Walwyn disclosed that
Speaker of the House of Assembly Hon. Ingrid Moses-Scatliffe and other members have pledged to work with the Territory’s Youth Parliamentarians and guide them in parliamentary procedures.

“I hope that in the next 10 to 20 years this will be the foundation on which we as a Territory would be able to produce leaders that continue to build this nation for long term success, as many of our leaders have so done,” Hon. Walwyn announced.