Young Singers & Musicians To Converge On East End For Christmas Chorale


A number of male singers will be participating in the annual Young Men Christmas Chorale on Thursday 17 December in East End.

The Christmas Chorale began 13 years ago under the leadership and direction of the late Kendoy Penn, who at the time wanted to do something positive, productive and meaningful for and with the young men in the community in which he lived and grew up.

Mr. Art Christopher and Dr. the Hon. Kedrick Pickering also assisted in organizing the event which from then on was held every year during the Christmas season on the steps of the then Hole in the Wall restaurant/Inn.

The event saw the coming together of the young men from the Seventh and Eighth District for light-hearted and entertaining acts of singing, dancing and other means of entertaining.

Upon Mr. Penn’s passing, Dr. the Hon. Kedrick Pickering saw it fitting to continue the dream, and vision of Mr. Penn by not only continuing the annual event, but also making all future gatherings in honour of him.

Over the years the event has been coordinated by the Seventh District Committee, and has become more memorable as young men and the community would wait in anticipation for the Young Men Christmas Chorale.

This year the event will take place on 17 December at 7:30 pm at the Long Look Sticket. Artists include: Razor Blades, Prophetic Sounds, Claude Parillon, Acapella Fellas, COGOP Men Ministry, Drastic, B’more, Kirk Adams, Pastor St. Clair James, Morton Brothers, Aaron “De­Jedi” Parillon, Full Gospel Sunday School, Clyde Potter, Carlton O’Neal, Dwight Hutchinson, Papa Das, NJAR, Joseph Georges, DJ Bertrum, Jeremy Vanterpool, Ruben Jr