Young People Still Have Difficulties Finding A Job


A concerned resident has stated that the difficulty BV Islanders and Belongers are having trying to find employment is being exasperated by the report that local job vacancies are being advertised overseas first.

The complaint was made a during the “A Look at the Community” radio call-in show on 22 July. During that program a female resident complained that the situation of finding employment is frustrating to young persons in the Territory.

In noting that certain opportunities are not being presented to the local job hunters first she said: “If you actually look on certain websites they offer BVI jobs, some of them tax free. What you mean tax free is the company would pay the tax for the individual – the payroll tax. You see those advertised on those international boards before you see those advertised here in the BVI.”

“One point that one may make is that ‘well if there is a qualified BV Islander’ of course they will hire the BV Islander but I do not believe that to be the case because if they had any intention of hiring a BV Islander then they would have advertised locally first or at the same time,” the caller added.

The resident also lamented that there is a lack of succession planning in the work environment, and as such young qualified persons are finding it difficult to demonstrate their abilities.

“It’s a dire situation, there is very little succession planning here in the British Virgin Islands there is always some older person getting the high position as they should, but you don’t have anyone really below them it seems to follow them or to shadow them or do anything with them so that they could take over one day.”

To this end she mentioned that young persons in all fields of study and profession are being affected. “Right now, we have a situation like I have said where young nurses can’t get jobs, young lawyers can’t get jobs, young accountants can’t get jobs straight cross, across the board,” the caller stated.