“You Have Everything To Gain By Changing Goverment” — Hon. Fraser Says


JKF_118Chairman of the Virgin Islands Party, Hon. Julian Fraser on two separate occasions during the campaign process has promised that the Virgin Islands Party once elected would continue initiatives that are currently being undertaken by the government.

The first project that was mentioned by Hon. Fraser was the Virgin Gorda clinic construction project. Hon. Fraser told Virgin Gorda residents that there is no need to fear a change of Government because his Party once elected will complete the Iris O’Neal Clinic.

He made the announcement during his endorsement of the Virgin Island’s Party’s Ninth District Candidate, Elton “All Out” Sprauve during a well-attended launch that was held in the Valley Virgin Gorda on May 11.

During his remarks, Hon. Fraser said: “The VIP will ensure that the clinic will be completed, so there is no need to fear a change of government.” He stated that his Party had to complete a medical facility before: “After all, Peebles Hospital was also a hole in the ground when we give the NDP the boot in 2007, and we continued it,” Hon. Fraser announced.

National Health Insurance

During this week, the VIP Chairman also promised to continue the National Health Insurance initiative.

During the launch for the Virgin Islands Party candidate, Oleanvine Pickering-Maynard on May 18, Hon. Fraser announced that there are some areas of the NHI proposal that his Party is concerned about.

The VIP Chairman said: “Yes there will be a National Health Insurance, but it will not be in the form that it was presented to you. It must be re-examined.”

In explaining the Party’s concern about the NHI, Hon. Fraser said: “We have local insurances that can participate, and we have people who have insurance that do not want to be on the National Health Insurance, so we will look at it.”

Persons in favour of the NHI were assured that the VIP will deliver an insurance scheme: “Don’t be fooled and don’t be afraid of changing the government, because you don’t have anything to lose but everything to gain by changing the government. They will give you all of these scare tactics ‘oh if the VIP gets in office NHI is gone’. We know that there are some of you who need insurance, so that wouldn’t happen. We are going to make sure if you fall ill you will get treatment, with or without money, and we will not be sending Zolfo Cooper of Orion Law after you,” the VIP Chair declared.