Xmas On De Castro Street: Weekend’s Top Attraction


No major headliner or entertainment act has been identified for the two-day Christmas on de Castro Street celebration that will be taking place this weekend. However, in a television interview City Manager Janice Brathwaite-Edwards announced that the 2016 celebration is still expected to be exciting.

Mrs. Brathwaite-Edwards admitted that “the program is not as heavy as it was in years gone by because as you know at this late stage everybody is kind of doing their own thing but we have a full packed program for the Friday and the Saturday.”

The City Manager also disclosed that entertainment is expected to be provided once again by the Project X Prison Band: “Our highlight again this year will be the prisoners, and they are coming with their band,” she said in a television interview recently.

“I understand that they have practiced three new songs so that should be enlightening because they are doing pure Christmas music,” the City Manager added while noting that the performance time of the Prison Band was also extended this year.

The Project X band is made up of inmates and prison officers of Her Majesty’s Prison (HMP). The Band is led by inmate Ramon George who prior to his incarceration was a drummer with Xtreme Band. Project X was in fact a major act at the 2015 Christmas on Main Street celebrations.

Project X’s performance even earned the group encore presentation during last year’s Christmas on de Castro Street.

During their 2015 performance, the Band performed Christmas songs such as special version of Chris Brown’s ‘This Christmas’ as well as an original song ‘Caribbean Christmas Joy’.

Last year “Project X performed during the day in order to facilitate the prisoners cut off time of 3:30 pm/4:00 pm.

The 2016 Christmas on de Castro Street celebration will be held on 2-3 December.