WSD Streamlines Billing Process


Automated billing is one of the exciting plans the Water and Sewerage Department (WSD) is embarking on. However, the intent to streamline the billing process was only one of the initiatives the WSD announced to improve the Territory’s water distribution system and the Department’s administrative process.

In what can be described as an update to its customers, the Department on 11 August issued a statement that chronicled both new and remedial plans.

The timeline for the improvement project was cited as late 2016 to first quarter of 2017, and the plans include the expansion of the distribution system on the eastern side of Jost Van Dyke.

As it relates to billing the Department announced that it will soon be able to automatically email bills to everyone. However, it was noted that those who wish may continue with the printed bill.

“We will be able to give you real time balances on your accounts, on the spot, once requested from the Cashier. Currently, we can manually email bills to those persons/companies who have requested it be done. By December 2016, this will be a reality,” the Department explained.

In the interim it was announced that the Water and Sewerage management is still juggling the upcoming initiatives, and attending to the current problems, some of which are said to have been plaguing the Department for more than 10 years:

“While these activities are in the pipeline to take place, the Department is working steadily to keep our water losses to a minimum, and doing our utmost best to ensure that water to our customers is safe and consistent,” the Department said.

“We are working a water distribution system that is not designed to take the volume of water it receives. The Department’s technical team is on continuous in-the-field training and there is notable improvement in their operation and their knowledge in dealing with the many breaks and leaks in the system. Many corrective measures are being carried out on the old system, changing our pipes in a phased fashion. Our challenges of frequent breaks in the pipework, breakdown of old and somewhat obsolete pump stations, low water pressures or no water may occur as we daily assess the system and make the necessary adjustments,” the WSD added.