World Red Cross Day celebrated with an appreciation Dinner

“A group photo of the honorees”   Photo by Geoff Brooks –

“A group photo of the honorees” Photo by Geoff Brooks –

8th May is World-wide celebrated as World Red Cross Day and the BVI Red Cross honoured that day with a spectacular dinner at “Maria’s by the Sea”. Longstanding member and treasurer of the BVI Red Cross Mrs. Eugenie Donovan – Glasgow put an event together that was second to none. MC Hon. Andrew Fahie led through a well prepared program.

The guests in the sold out, beautifully decorated restaurant were treated not only to a magnificent dinner, ably prepared by Chef Willow and his team, but to a lot of entertainment throughout the evening. The audience enjoyed the beautiful voices of Nicole Donovan and Rochelle Smith, while DJ Push Pop entertained with soothing music throughout the evening.

Chairman of the BVI Red Cross Lewis Hunte, QC, was off Island but his deputy Geoff Brooks, delivered heart-warming welcome remarks on behalf of Mr. Hunte.

At this time the ceremony started by honouring two stalwart citizens, who well remember when 59 years ago the Red Cross started in the BVI: Hon. Ralph T. O’Neal, OBE and Mrs. Margaret Borde. Honorees, who have contributed to the growth and success of the BVI Red Cross in one way or another, were presented with a beautiful engraved glass display, recognizing their dedication and contribution to the BVI Red Cross. Honoured were furthermore Mrs. Edris O’Neal, OBE, who served as the organization’s director for over 22 years; Inez V.Turnbull, MBE;

Harriet Herbert, Adena Henley, Barbara Bailey, Adena Hamm, Joyce Leonard, Irma Gordon, Monroe Penn, Eugenie Todman-Smith, George Parker, Shirley Rhymer-Abednego, Spencer Grant, Michael Riegels, QC, Yoland Scott, Glanville Penn, Constance Blyden-Hovis, Astrid C. Wenzke, Claudette McAnaney, Audrey Todman,Delores Monsanto. Joyce Stewart, Norma Osborne, Fiona Dugdale, Adina Potter, Paul Fenty, Ann & Ron Russell, Cynthia Ryan and Tina Woolhouse.

The key note speaker was Dr. Karl Dawson, President of the HLS Community College. He congratulated all the honorees for their well-deserved awards and stated: “It is a night when we celebrate service and honour individuals who have, through the Years, provided sterling service to the BVI Red Cross.

The Red Cross is about service and this traced back to 1859 when Mr. Henry Dunant came upon a battle field in Solferino, Italy were some 40,000 soldiers lay dead or wounded and the wounded in need of medical care.” Dr. Dawson continued to say: “  Mr. Dunant organized local persons to bind the wounds of the soldiers and otherwise feed and comfort them. His later actions eventually led to the establishment of the Geneva Convention. Tonight we honour many persons who like Mr. Dunant were moved to serve over the years or are still serving in the BVI Red Cross.”

Director of the BVI Red Cross, Mrs. Helen Frett, presented the Vote of Thanks, recognizing the many companies and individuals who helped to make that appreciation dinner a reality.