Work On Virgin Gorda Hospital To Become a Reality In 2015


Minister for Health and Social Development, Hon. Ronnie Skelton disclosed that in the coming weeks Cabinet will decide and Government will announce the contractor selected to construct the new nurse Iris O’Neal facility on Virgin Gorda.

The Minister made this comment during his address at the opening of the new Peebles Hospital on 17 December. Minister Skelton also stated that the work on the mini hospital in Virgin Gorda will begin early in the new year.

Previous update on the project was provided by Hon. Skelton while he was speaking on the 15 September edition of NDP radio. During that broadcast, he announced that the tenders for the construction of the facility will be decided on soon.

“We are evaluating now the Iris O’Neal clinic in Virgin Gorda that should be coming to Cabinet in a couple of weeks.” The Minister stated that government is cognizant of the need for medical facilities on the sister islands, specifically transportation to the Peebles Hospital; and he noted that plans to fix that situation are also being considered.

Minister Skelton stated that the proposed Virgin Gorda mini hospital will generate a decrease in the patients’ need to travel to Peebles. He said that in the eventuality that patients must visit Peebles the facility will be equipped to treat their various situations: “The Iris O’Neal medical centre that we are going to be building is going to be taking care of quite a number of things.”