Minister for Communications and Works, Hon. Mark Vanterpool announced this week that works to fix Road Town sewage issues will be continuing soon.

During a contract signing, on Tuesday, the Minister announced that “work is expected to restart, on the National Sewerage Programme, in Road Town, within the next month or so.”

This work will concentrate on the area surrounding the Round-About, and will be executed, via a series of petty contracts and purchase orders which, Hon. Vanterpool opined, will ensure that more contractors are afforded the opportunity to participate in the development, of the Territory.

“As Minister for Communications and Works, I would like to reiterate, this Government’s desire, to see all of these projects, executed, to the highest construction standards, on time, and within budget. This Government remains accountable, to all of the people of the Virgin Islands, who put us here, and we are determined, to work, in your best interest,” he added.

The National Sewerage Programme was championed by the previous administration, and was continued by the present Government. The commitment to the programme was highlighted by Premier, Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith in his 2012 statement highlighting the achievements his government had in their first 100 days in government.

In that statement Premier Smith announced that untreated and uncontained sewerage will always be a matter of importance for government. He added: “The National Sewerage project that was a priority of the previous administration remains a priority for this government and has been put in ‘high gear’. Sewer connections and other related works continue on the eastern end of the island of Tortola.”

“The Road Town Phase of the project, which includes the replacement of critical pipelines, Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) Surveillance Cameras inspections and the replacement of pumps in critical areas will commence within the next two weeks. Petty contracts have been signed and materials have been procured. Ladies and gentlemen we are well on our way with addressing the sewerage problems that have plagued us for years,” the Premier Stated.

As part of the territorial sewerage fix, the former government signed a contract with CBE Engineering Associates to provide management, engineering and construction supervision services for the national sewerage project.