Work Continues To Prep Area Of $3million Football Stadium


Eighth District Representative, Hon. Marlon Penn announced this week that both FIFA and the Government of the BVI have been making moves to advance the football stadium project.

On Monday 16 November during the NDP Radio Program Hon. Penn said: “That football stadium project — we are well advanced now! We have covered all of the adjacent ghuts. Infrastructural work that were required we have done that.”

The Eighth District Representative mentioned that a brand new parking lot was also recently constructed at the Greenland Field to accommodate persons visiting the facility: “Now the cricketers and the footballers are very excited about the fact that they don’t have to park on the street anymore. We have a parking facility that can accommodate as much as 150 to 200 cars right now. We have some more work to do on that parking facility, but for now it works better than what is happening.”

“We have also completed the bypass road so now there is a flow through of traffic. There is no traffic jam in between …We now have a road that runs directly out. It sort of help with the congestion and traffic flow in that area so we are well advanced,” Hon. Penn disclosed.

As far as FIFA’s commitment, the District Representative divulged that the organization is also making moves to meet its end of the agreement: “They have already started the process of the bidding for the turf. We had three international contractors come in. They have looked and assessed the area and they all were happy with the level of work that was done with the local contractors in terms of putting the levels in place and the prep work for the facility. Now we are waiting for the tenders to come back in because that is a specialty area in terms of laying that turf – it is very complex,” Hon. Penn explained.

“The entire area is being transformed into what we call a sporting corridor and the future of sports tourism in the Territory. We are looking at the football stadium, we are going to add a track that’s going to serve as an exercising track and a training track for our athletes; and we are looking at bringing back netball into our community which has been displaced with the development of Greenland field. That is part of what we trying to do as well,” Hon. Penn mentioned.

He also stated that there are plans on the table in terms of further expansion of the field to be able accommodate baseball, as well as an enhanced cricket facility.

The project is a private/public partnership with an estimated cost of over $3M. The arrangement is between the BVI Football Association (BVIFA) and Government. Overall the project will consist of a 400 meter track field, regulation-sized football field with associated facilities, netball court/volleyball court, concession stands and over 200 parking spaces. There will also be the construction of an access road between the parking lot and stadium.