Wolues fend off stubborn Virgin Gorda Avengers, 3-1 for league title | Island Sun

Wolues fend off stubborn Virgin Gorda Avengers, 3-1 for league title

After a 3-1 win over the Avengers, Wolues players celebrate their unbeaten season

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

In their biggest test of the season, unbeaten Wolues fended off an aggressive and stubborn Virgin Gorda Avengers, 3-1 on Saturday, to bring the curtains down on their Futsal League campaign at Cedar School.  

“It was a good game, exciting, physical, our girls aren’t used to that much physicality so they were a bit intimidated for a while but they played well, held their ground, made some good plays,” Wolues Coach Peter Van Zoost told Island Sun Sports. “It was a fun game to watch. It was exciting, it stayed close for a while. The other team had an awesome keeper and Tinia (Van Zoost) did very well for her team as well so it made a challenge for both teams to get a goal, so it was a good game.”

Van Zoost said it was his team’s toughest game but they stepped up and did a good job. Darci Reich gave Wolues an early 1-0 lead, but Laverne Fahie struck back before half time to level the game at 1-1. The Wolues made it 2-1 a minute later, a lead they’d carry into the half. A back and forth second period saw the Wolues passing the ball around, probing for cushion of another goal, but also defending resolutely as the Avengers remained a constant threat and it wasn’t until the 44th minute when Reich settled matters with her second goal of the game.

“They’ve got a lot to be proud of,” Van Zoost said of his team. “They’ve had a clean sheet for the whole season. It’s a good feat for them, I think we’re all pretty proud.”

Van Zoost said Avengers played hard, they were aggressive and they have some good players.

“They weren’t sitting back,” he noted. “They were pressing the ball, they weren’t giving our girls any time, so it was really good to see them work hard and they really pushed the play so it was good.”

Avengers Manager Gloria Fahie, described the game as “awesome” but fitness was a factor for her team.

“We have girls working on Tortola, by the time they come over on the 5 o’clock boat and try to get on the field for 7 o’clock, they’re tired. Some have online classes too, so fitness is the thing with our team,” Fahie said. “They have skills, but the fitness level and we have two players who haven’t seen the pitch since the first game because of work but today, they got the time off so they came and of course we’re going to play them because it’s an equal opportunity thing.”Fahie said  she wasn’t  going to say ‘you haven’t been here for a while, you haven’t practiced so I’m not playing you.’ “They managed to make it out today and got them in the game. The Wolues are not a hard team to conquer because they basically have one play,” Fahie noted. “I wanted everyone to feel appreciated so everybody got to go in the game. We had some frustrating moments, but I feel we should have won the game. We had some little hiccups but we can beat the team however, fitness is the key. Obviously, Wolues play together. They’re here every day and practice together and this is their pitch so they have an advantage.”