Winter Olympian Peter Adam Crook retires from competition

Peter Adam Crook speaking during Olympic Day activities

Peter Adam Crook speaking during Olympic Day activities

BY Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Exactly 30 years after speed skater Errol Fraser became the territory’s first Olympian in Sarajevo in 1984, free stylist Peter Adam Crook became territory’s second Winter Olympic Games athlete.

Speaking exclusively following Saturday’s Olympic Day activities after he received his Winter Olympic Games’ participant pin from competing in Sochi, Russia earlier this year, Crook said he’s finished as a competitive skier and has retired from the sport.

“I finished the ski season in Park City, Utah where I’d been living for the past two years, put an end to the contest but had some fun skiing. I moved back to the BVI three and a half weeks ago and have been working on Necker Island and I have no plans to leave,” said Crook who competed in the free style half pipe event in Sochi. “I think I’m done with skiing competitively. I’ll still do it for fun, but not at the same level that I’ve been doing.”

Crook—who in February became the territory’s 27th Olympian—said he has been skiing competitively for the last seven years said it has been a long road. He decided that he would pursue something different, adding that it’s the first time in seven years he has been living within a 50-mile radius of his parents during that time. The Olympian who thanked everyone that supported him said its super nice to be home and seeing family which has been great.

“It has been an amazing ride,” Crook said of his experience that carried him to the Skiing World Championships and Winter Olympic Games. “Honestly, if I’d seen where I’m at now 10 years ago, I would have laughed at myself. After I learnt to ski, it was always my goal to become a professional skier. To have had the opportunity to go to the Olympics have been mind blowing for me, because its something I would have never imagined happening. But here I am now. It’s been a crazy experience, something I’ll never forget.”

Crook, 21 who had been ranked #18 in the world prior to the Winter Olympics described Sochi as an amazing experience. He said its such a cool place and being there while the Olympics was taking place with all the other events and athletes was a thrilling experience to see how everything worked and how it works for different sports. He said usually, in his competitions it’s only his friend and the athletes he compete against. Seeing the ice skaters, bobsledders, curlers and ski racers all in one area training and competing was cool and interesting.

“You got to meet other people and mingle and that was really cool and getting to learn through that atmosphere,” he said. “It was an exciting journey.”