“What Kind Of Good Governance Is This?” – Hon. Fahie Asks


“Nobody will make me feel shame of a past, and nobody’s going to hold me back from my future trying to tie me to my past,” Opposition member and First District Representative, Hon. Andrew Fahie declared on 18 March during the VIP Let’s Talk radio program.

Hon. Fahie’s comment was in response to a caller who asked how the Legislator can label others as corrupt when there is alleged information on the internet labeling him in a similar manner.

The caller said: “I have been following the debate in House of Assembly and I heard you make reference to Government being corrupt. However you mentioned a couple companies being corrupt along with government, and also the Premier; but I was online and I came across an article where the BVI is investigating an ex-BVI Minister. They state your name. I want to know, how can you be in a position like that and even be talking about that.”

In response Hon. Fahie told the caller: “I expect this to come up, but I want to say I had my political checkup — prostate checkup and it is clear what the results are, because God had it that I am here. Which is amazing that you brought that up, I am glad that you came to this; so that we can have this out here now.”

The First District Representative said: “A lot of things were brought up and they were brought up in terms of allegations. That is why I am surprised that some of the things that were in the Auditor General’s report that were factual; and the paperwork to support it and they were cast aside. This is what has led me over the years to wonder, and state in the House many times – wrong cannot be right based on who you love, and right cannot be wrong based on who you hate.”

The Opposition member announced that if the BVI continues to be administered where the goose and the gander are at two different tables, the Territory will move from an organized BVI into the jungle rules. “When I look and I see in the past, and I thank God that you bring up my past; because it has thrust me into the future that I need to be in. I thank all those who were involved in that.”

Hon. Fahie explained that he has no bad will against anyone, and that he merely states what he sees: “When I see some of the things that I see with some of the information that is readily available from the conflict of interest, yes from the morally corrupt, and from some of the corruption that you can see clearly. The information is there and a blind eye is being turned then one has to wonder what kind of good governance are we dealing with.”

“I am not going to be afraid to tackle these issues and to deal with them head on; because the best person to talk about anything is the one who was tested and tried in it and came out as they say as good as you could come out. So I thank you caller for that call, because anyone can feel free to google what they want and see what they want,” Hon. Fahie said.

The Opposition member added: “I have been wiser, took some things for granted in the younger part of my political career. I didn’t realize how some people could be so wicked, but I have become wiser, I have become stronger and my faith has become stronger to know that I have to represent people to the best of my ability at all times. To call an ace a ace and a spade a spade, nobody will make me feel shame of a past, and nobody’s going hold me back from my future trying to tie me to my past.”