“What Food? I Haven’t Seen Any Food…”: 3rd District Representative Asks


It has been suggested that the food supplies that were sent as relief following hurricanes Irma and Maria were not distributed equitably in the Territory and that a number of Districts never saw the donations.

The matter was brought to the Attention of Premier and Minister for Finance, Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith during the questions and answer segment of the 13 November House of Assembly sitting following Hon. Smith’s disclosure that the United Kingdom donated a number of relief items in the aftermath of hurricane Irma as well as money.

However, in noting shock at the announced items that were listed by the Premier as sent by the UK, Hon. Fraser declared: “What food supplies?”

In fact, the Opposition Member did not agree that a lot of aid was received and some places and people in the Territory did not benefit and therefore do not know there was relief sent.

Further, Hon. Fraser told the House of Assembly that he did not see the number of items the Premier referred to. “Premier talk to somebody who was on the ground, I was on the ground, food supplies from the UK — you know what they sent us some empty pails, some tarps inadequate for the number of tarps. What food? I haven’t seen any food from the United Kingdom.”

“If they did send it (food) the Third District didn’t get any, and I am sure the other Districts didn’t get any either, so Madame Speaker if the Premier could tell me what food supplies we’re talking about. I think he mentioned 40 tons, that’s the equivalent amount of a 20 foot container?”

Still in apparent shock that food was sent to the Territory, Hon. Fraser asked the Premier to clarify: “Are you correct about that, that they sent us food supplies?”

In response Hon. Smith said that he was certain that the food supplies were sent, and he noted as well that some of the food was sent to the sister islands.