“What a wicked set of people”: Hon. Walwyn says


“What a wicked set of people,” Minister for Education and Culture, Hon. Myron Walwyn declared as he took a swipe at persons who are critical of the Education Ministry and strides achieved by the Minister.

While speaking in the private members business segment of the sitting on 6 June, Hon. Walwyn did not hide his displeasure at some of comments he heard regarding educational advancement in the Territory.

In taking a swipe at the critics he said: “There is progress in the country, and you have some talking about education in the country and how nothing ain’t happen in education; what a wicked set of people. The education system in this country has improved three-fold.”

Hon. Walwyn said that he is proud of what has been done to improve the BVI’s education sector since the NDP took office in 2011 and he noted that the Virgin Islands School of Technical Studies is a prime example: “I am going to be extremely proud when the graduating ceremony is coming up, particularly at the technical school in Baughers Bay. When we came into office, that place was a dumping ground for students who we think we couldn’t teach.”

“We were able to turn that school into something that can produce and will produce good citizens that will do marvelous work in the technical field in this country. So, significant things are being done here in the Territory for the advancement of our people,” the Education Minister added.

Another area of his mandate that was improved since Hon. Walwyn became Minister is the area of youth employment. In fact, the Minister who is also responsible for Youth and Culture mentioned that the Youth Employment Service that was implemented is a success story.

In noting how his Ministry helped tackle the unemployment issue among youths, Hon. Walwyn said: “When we came into office, one of the burning issues was the issue of unemployment among young people. And don’t mind the talk when you hear some of them get up in the House and say they used to be working with the Minister of Labour, and they used to be doing (that); lie, nothing t’all go so.”

The Minister accused his critics of being envious of his achievements: “It’s just jealousy now because we have a structure in place, you want to come now to make it look like you were doing things when the problem was being ignored all the time. And it was this government that took the issue of unemployment in this country and made it major priority.”

Hon. Walwyn also boasted that the Youth Unemployment programme is the best in the history of the Territory: “We have the unit now in the Ministry specifically geared towards dealing with that matter. And I can say proudly that it is the most successful employment programme in the history of this country.”