West End Terminal Face-Lift Insufficiently Funded: Says Hon. Fahie


The British Virgin Islands Ports Authority (BVIPA) issued an invitation for tenders for the West End Ferry Dock/ Sophers Hole Jetty to the tune of $3,000,000, but Opposition Member, and  First District Representative, Hon. Andrew Fahie in whose District the facility lies, questions whether this amount is enough for the project.

The Opposition Member expressed his concerns at a meeting that was held in the First District recently. At that forum, Hon. Fahie agreed that the ferry terminal needed to be fixed but he questioned whether the specified amount was sufficient for the task.

“The Sophers Hole Jetty must be fixed! Now I see a tender gone out saying the work is $3,000,000. There has been no consultation with the people, which was promised, and I do not know how they arrived at the $3,000,000. I do not know what we are going to get.”

The District Representative also claimed that he nor his constituents were consulted in relation to the project even though a promise was made that this would be done: “I was promised by the Minister and government that we were going to have the meeting in the District to go through the plans. I don’t even know how the plans look, if they have plans, because at $3,000,000 laying out the amount of work that is going to be I find that a little queer. Normally you put out tender and then when they come in, you look at the figures and see which is close to the figure. This has me confused so I have to watch.”

On 12 September, BVIPA issued an invitation for tenders for the design and construction of a new or newly renovated ferry terminal, ferry dock, and ancillary facilities at the West End, Tortola port of entry. It was announced that the Project will be designed and built to a guaranteed maximum price of $3,000,000.

The invitation announced that the project was for the design and construction of a new ferry terminal and ancillary facilities at the West End port of entry would comprise of: a terminal building that separates domestic and international passengers; inspection areas and offices for Immigration, Customs, and BVIPA officers; offices for ancillary services; a visitor information centre; ticketing counters that accommodate each ferry line operating at the facility, restroom facilities; food court facilities; handicap accessibility; and restoration of the docking facility to its original foot print.

It was also stated that the BVIPA anticipates that daily activity at the West End Dock Facility will continue during the construction phase of the Project, and the successful contractor is expected to produce a design feature which would accommodate this.