West end police station to be rehabilitated


The bemoaned state of the West End Police Station will soon be addressed, as it was announced that the situation is being assessed.
The present condition of the West End police station has been discussed on various talk shows and at a press conference held on 5 September Premier and Minister for Finance, Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith assured that the police station would be repaired.
Hon. Smith told reporters: “We understand that there are some issues with the police stations, I visited the West End Police Station. I have asked the Public Works Department to secure the necessary figures for its repair and to do the necessary for an advertisement, once that has been completed the matter will be taken up and the repairs will be done.”
The state of the West End Police Station was previously discussed in the House of Assembly in June during a questions and answers segment.
At that time Premier Smith informed that the West End Police Station is in need of major structural repairs and that faults included a leaky roof. The Premier said that barracks were closed because they were deemed unsuitable for the purpose.