“We Feed Over 698 Mothers And Fathers” – Fsn Executive Says


Executive Director of the Family Support Network (FSN), Dr. Sylvia Simmons reminds the community that the fight to end Domestic Violence is not over with October and she is encouraging residents to keep the awareness messages in mind.

At the start of the month, Dr. Simmonds stated that the FSN chose to celebrate with purple flags, and that each flag represented a person who sought help from the organization. Now that October is over she said that the flags must come down:  “The purple flags will be coming down; however Domestic Violence does not end on 31 October. I leave you with these thoughts: The next time you are at work, ask yourself, is the person working next to me a victim. In the supermarket-line is this person a victim. Next time you are paying your phone, light, or water bills ask yourself is this a victim or is the cashier, the waitress, the gas attendant a victim,” she said.

The FSN Executive Director also urged the community to be mindful of the message it sends: “Watch what you are saying around friends about the reason(s) why you think victims might be “stupid” for staying in an abusive relationship. Victims are all around us and they already feel worthless for not being able to take care of their affairs. For families who are going through ongoing violence in their home or their lives, it is a nightmare. Seek out help. The nightmare will not just get better. Children who witness violence and abuse become adults who become violent and abusive,” Dr. Simmonds explained.
“This is our community, so let’s work on raising healthy families. FSN has touched the lives of over 165 new clients for the year. We feed over 698 (this number does not include the children) mothers and fathers who came for food from January to present. Over 1000 persons (repeated visits) came through FSN doors for some kind of service. (Counseling, Protection Order, food, legal services, etc.) We have also provided over 590 counseling sessions to women, men, children, and couples.
Domestic violence is a CRIME. Let us work together on eliminating it from our beautiful shores,” she added.