Water & Sewerage Dept. Working Hard to fix distribution network


The Water and Sewerage Department (WSD) is busy getting the water supply system up to par. Water shortage plagued the Territory following hurricane Irma and the Department announced that it is has been working hard to fix damages that were caused by the disaster and ensure that the distribution network is ready for this hurricane season.

On Monday the Department announced that the efforts to keep the system up to date continued with repairs to holding facilities. The WSD alerted residents that it was carrying out repairs to water reservoirs which were damaged during the passages of the 2017 hurricanes.

“Technicians are currently at Sabbath Hill – the main reservoirs to which water is pumped from Paraquita Bay. Pumping is to one tank, while the other is being repaired,” the Water and Sewerage Department explained.

The Department further noted that it was carrying out repairs of reservoirs at Fort Hill, Hannah’s, Balsam Ghut and The Valley, Virgin Gorda. In order to better ensure adequate water supply WSD mentioned that new reservoirs would be erected in Jost Van Dyke, North Sound, Virgin Gorda and Maya Cove.

Meanwhile the Department urged residents to be patient as it tries to restore the water distribution system and ensure that the water facilities are resilient. As part of improving the water system new water connections were also installed in certain locations since hurricane Irma. It was also noted that the Bi-Water Desalination Plant was maintained earlier this month.