Water Rationing Affects East Ens Area


Some areas of the BVI are still experiencing water shortage and residents continue to lament the situation at various public meetings. On May 29, a resident who attended a Ministry of Communications and Works forum in the Seventh and Eighth District announced that his community was still being hindered by water rationing.

The resident told the gathering that included Minister for Communications and Works, Hon. Mark Vanterpool: “The water problem is a serious issue; serious issues with water and this is a big community…If the demand is more than the supply then it means the Bar Bay Plant cannot supply consistent water to the community, we need to get it from somewhere else…because it is affecting us.”

In response to the complaint Dr. Drexel Glasgow, Director of Planning, Infrastructure and Development in the Ministry of Communications and Works explained that the issue is not new and that the situation will be sorted out.

At a public meeting held on 13 February 2013, Minister for Communications and Works, Hon. Mark Vanterpool, under whose portfolio the critical issue falls assured questioning residents that the situation is being attended to.

He stated: “We want to acknowledge that there are very serious water shortages throughout the Territory, and our team is working very hard to try to correct that. I am not going to promise that it is going to happen overnight. We have a plan that we are working on, but the Ridge Road is a concern for us as we have in the past been rationing water in that area and recently it got worse.”

In the meantime, Hon Vanterpool stated that normal water availability is not going to be on a daily basis as yet, because Government is still trying to increase the production of water at the Baughers Bay plant to a higher level over the next several months. Increased water production, the Minister explained will mean that Government will be able to fill the reservoirs more consistently to provide water throughout the Territory.

In light of the comment about the water situation BVI Leader, Premier Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith said that he is sympathetic to hotel owners who are being affected by the water shortage and water rationing system the Territory now endures.