Water Blues Queried By 3rd District Representative


The Third District Representative, Hon. Julian Fraser announced that his District is still experiencing water shortage, and he asked the Minister for Communications and Works, Hon. Mark Vanterpool when the residents would be able to get a regular supply of water.

During the questions and answer section of the House of Assembly on 12 May, Hon. Fraser asked the Minister for Communications and Works to tell the House of Assembly whether he is aware that the people of Sea Cows Bay, Duffs Bottom, Hannah’s, Pleasant Valley, Palestina, Havers, and Pockwood Pond receive water only on certain days for a few hours in the morning.

The District Representative also asked the Minister to state when the residents in the District can realistically expect a long-term fix to this vexing problem,  and what measures are in place to avoid the repeat of last August’s situation with lack of water, especially at the Horse Track on AugustTuesday.

In response, Hon. Vanterpool told the House that he is aware of the intermitted water challenges that the residents of Sea Cow’s Bay, Duffs Bottom, Hannah’s, Pleasant Valley, Palestina and Pockwood Pond, continue to face.

“Madam Speaker, water continues to be delivered based on a schedule that has been and continues to be publicized. We recognise that the inconsistent supply of water is unacceptable and we continue to explore a solution that will deliver water on a 24 hour basis,” he said.

As it relates to avoiding a repeat of the situation at the horserace track the Minister said: “to my recollection, last August, there was a broken water main leading to the Horse Track. This was restored prior to race day and therefore the Track had a reliable water supply during the event.”

“Since then, Madam Speaker, on all race days, the Water & Sewerage Department has ensured a consistent supply of water to the Track and will ensure the supply is consistently available during the upcoming August festivities,” Hon. Vanterpool added.