Water Blues Continue In Districts 1 & 3


Water and electricity shortage were two of the great pains following hurricane Irma – however, while most of the Territory has been reconnected to the electrical grid, a number still remain without public water. This in many ways is exasperating the water woes that existed before the September hurricanes.

Areas in the Third and First Districts remain without public water and Opposition Leader Hon. Andrew Fahie asked Minister for Communications and Works Hon. Mark Vanterpool for an update on the reconnection process during the extended segment of the House of Assembly on 8 March.

In response Hon. Vanterpool noted that the Water and Sewerage Department made progress on the matter. “Most areas in the Territory have a supply of public water – most areas. However there are a number of leaks in the distribution system throughout the Territory,” the Minister explained.

He further elaborated that some of the instances where no water was in the lines was deliberately done so to remedy the leakages and broken line problems that pre-existed before the hurricanes.

“From time to time water has to be shut off throughout the Territory sometimes for repairs: sometimes for long periods. The teams are out there working on these areas and we hope to have water being distributed to all of the areas of the Territory as best as possible very soon,” he noted.

The Minister said that he is cognizant that the First and Third Districts are often without water: “I would in my assessment still continue to have concerns about Sea Cows Bay area and also the Western area of the island and also we want to continue to try and rectify those as quickly as possible; and especially in the Sea Cows Bay area in the longer term to address the matter on a more permanent basis.”

However, Hon. Vanterpool said that he could not specify what percentage of the Territory was back on.