Vists Wing Named In Honour Of Technical Educator Stanley W. Nibbs


One of the wings of the Virgin Islands School of Technical Studies (VISTS) will be named in honor of educator Stanley W. Nibbs. The announcement was made during the opening ceremony of the facility on October 21.

In response to the honour, Mrs. Janice Blyden spoke of her father and his interests. “My father was one of that breed of Virgin Islanders that we speak about often. He was a kind, giving, understanding person who helped to lay the foundation of today’s Virgin Islands. He was interested in everything including politics, world events, church and community.”

Mrs. Blyden said that her father was a technical man, and told various stories of how he kept abreast with technological advancements. “In assessing the skills of Stanley Nibbs the technical man, we can record: contractor, tile layer, electrician, plumber, cinematographer, director, taxi man, wood turner, cabinet maker, farmer. He was truly a man worthy of having a Technical School named in his honour.”

“Stanley Nibbs, the man after whom this building is being named is a role model for all who attend this school. Through his technical skills he helped to lay the foundation of what is today something that is about to change the future of these islands. I know that he would have been pleased to know that a building has been erected for the purpose of advancing technical skills within the Territory,” she added.

Mr. Stanley Nibbs had over five decades of experience as an educator and a technical specialist in the Virgin Islands. He is credited as the influence on many Virgin Islanders in the technical and vocational field.

Many persons in the Territory valued Mr. Nibbs’ contribution, thus he was the recipient of the Lions Club of Tortola’s Citizen of the Year Award, and was awarded the British Empire Medal by Her Majesty the Queen. Other recognitions include a BVI stamp issued in 1993 in his honour, a plaque from the Sea Cows Bay Methodist Church and a poem written by Mrs. Jennie Wheatley “Go Thou Great Man.” Education Minister Hon. Myron V. Walwyn presented her with a plaque marking the naming of the wing after her father.

Family members said that “in more than 55 years, countless young men came under Uncle Stanley’s tutelage in the woodwork shop at the BVI High School.  Virtually everyone heard him at least once as he travelled the circuit as a local preacher. He was understated.  He walked slowly and spoke softly.  He smiled whenever he spoke and his wit was matchless.”