Virgin Islands Registry Of Child Abusers To Become A Reality


The Territory will soon have a registry of child abusers! The announcement was made on October 1 by Commissioner of Police, David Morris during the signing of the Protocol for the Prevention, Reporting, Investigation, Management of Child Abuse and Neglect.

In his remarks, the Commissioner of Police announced: “Part of the Child Abuse Protocol, which I am very pleased to see is the re-establishing of a registry for perpetrators that will be held by the RVIPF. Employers will be encouraged to make sure they check that register particularly when they are employing people to work with children and young people.”

Commissioner Morris said that the register will introduce a form of monitoring of offenders to the Territory: “For the first time, we are actually bringing monitoring to the Territory, around people who prey on our most vulnerable in society. These are our children. Some of the children don’t realize that they are being subject to child abuse, and the people that prey on them are perpetrators and predators.”

He explained that the register will not be public, but the information would be made available to employers of the offenders, specifically those who are seeking to work with children. “It’s not a public list, it’s a register of those convicted of child abuse kept by the police. The process would be upon a police check for employment those who are convicted under that register, their employer would be notified that they have conviction for child abuse.”

The Commissioner pointed out that whole idea of the register is to prevent those persons who have convictions from engaging with children and young people, and for employers to be made aware of who they are employing.