Virgin Islands Party Calls For Clarification On Fraser’s Stance


Members of the main opposition Virgin Islands Party (VIP) announced that they have been trying to ascertain whether former Chairman of the Party, and Third District Representative, Hon. Julian Fraser is still part of the VIP. The members announced that they are unsure of Hon. Fraser’s position because he has not been communicating much with them.

During the inaugural ‘VIP Moving Forward’ television programme that was aired on Channel 51 last week,  Thursday, Chairman of the VIP Hon. Andrew Fahie said that he has been trying to extend the proverbial olive branch to Hon. Fraser, but to no avail. In fact Hon. Fahie said that all invites that have been extended to Hon. Fraser, so far have clashed with the member’s schedule and he has been unable to attend the functions.

Nonetheless. Hon. Fahie said that this will not deter him from continuing to reach out: “This is about country… so I have to put away any kind of childlike behaviour as a leader to make sure that we forward the cause of the Virgin Islands Party. I’ve done that, I will continue to do it. So far, his schedule seems not to be one that allows him to be a part of all the different meetings and sessions – to clear the air.”

“I will continue to do what I have to do, and the party will continue to do what it has to do, and hopefully his schedule will allow him to fit us in somewhere. If not, then the Virgin Islands Party will obviously have to find out from him if he intends to still be with the Virgin Islands Party or not,” the Party Chairman said.

“Whatever there is to be fixed, I’m willing to sit down and have it fixed. But I’m not going to sit down and leave the Virgin Islands Party paralyzed trying to fix one issue… We have extended our courtesies to Honourable Fraser in many different means – my conscience is totally clear.”

President of the Virgin Islands Party Dr. Natalio Wheatley who was the moderator of the program announced that it is time that the Party knows where Hon. Fraser stands: “You have a lot of positives about Honourable Fraser as a representative for the people of the Third District, and I give the most respect for his…years of service to the people of the Virgin Islands. But, I think we owe it to the people to let them know where we stand, where Honourable Fraser stands. I think he owes it to the people at this particular moment,” Dr Wheatley said.

The VIP President was frank about the situation and stated: “I consider myself to still be a young person, and the young people really don’t have time for that, I mean, it’s a new generation and we don’t have time for that type of politics. We want leaders who are gonna put country first and who are going to put our needs ahead of their own interests. We have a lot of challenges that we have to face in our Territory, and we need a leader to step up to the plate and address those challenges and put any selfish concerns on the side.”

The situation of the Party and Hon. Fraser was also mentioned by VIP member Dr. Karl Dawson who said that he knows that members of the VIP have reached out to Hon. Fraser:  “I’ve been around the table and I know the efforts that we have made to reach out to Honourable Fraser to assure him that he still has a place in the party as long as he wants it; but at the same time as the chairman rightly said, we cannot paralyze the party. At some point, we have to say look you’re either with us or against us, and we need to move forward,” Dr. Dawson stated.