Virgin Islanders Should Have The Opportunity To Serve As Dpp: Opposition Leader Says


Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Julian Fraser announced that a Virgin Islander should be given the opportunity to serve as Director of Public Prosecution (DPP).
In a statement posted on facebook on Monday, Hon. Fraser explained that the appointment of persons to the post of DPP should be similar to the Constitutional stipulation for the appointing of the Attorney General – in which case no person should be appointed to the office of Attorney General unless he or she belongs to the Virgin Islands.
The Constitution, however allows for a non-Belonger to be appointed Attorney General if the opinion of the Judicial and Legal Services Commission is that there is no Belonger who is suitably qualified, able and willing to be so appointed.
In announcing that the DPP post should have the requirement that Virgin Islanders given preference, Hon. Fraser said: “I also wish to make clear my position which I have expressed and continue to hold, that at any time a local who qualifies, expresses an interest in the post of Director of Public Prosecution, it should be treated in the same manner as the post of Attorney General as stipulated in Section 95. (6) of the Virgin Islands Constitution Order 2007.”
Hon. Fraser noted that Belongers did apply for the post, but were unsuccessful and he opined that those desirous of the position should be prepared for future openings. “I am aware that during the last round of interviews there were such expressions of interest, but without success. My advice, is that we collectively, must from this moment on, redouble our efforts to ensure that whatever the shortcomings were, corrective measures be taken to ensure that the next local candidate is successful,” Hon. Fraser said.
The Leader of the Opposition also extended support to the new DPP.