“Vip Will Declare War On Poverty”, Says “Juggy” Harrigan


HARRIGAN-elvisVirgin Islands Party Sixth District candidate Elvis ‘Juggy’ Harrigan says that he takes umbrage to people saying that he is running against his competitor in the Sixth District. He explained that he is not running against anyone, but is  running for everything that is good for his community.

“I am running for the people of these villages where I call home; for an upliftment in our community and for a rejuvenation of our collective spirits. This campaign is a campaign about hope and possibilities. It is a campaign about real people who are tired of struggling and tired of hurting, and tired of not being able to make ends meet. And so I will like to thank the outgoing representative for all of her efforts. You’ve done the best you can – maybe not good enough – but that was your best,” Mr. Harrigan announced at his launch.

The VIP Candidate told the gathering that they should make way for new leadership, and a new representative that will have more clout and more say within his own party. He told the people that they should vote for a representative who can stand up and speak up for the people of the District: “One that will be taken seriously, and whose voice his leader will listen to,” he added.

According to the VIP Sixth District Candidate a new way forward means a determination to boost economic activities in the Sixth District, restore personal representation through the spirit of love and assisting the community, and a comprehensive plan to enhance the physical beauty of the District.

He declared that a new VIP government will declare war on poverty. In fact Mr. Harrigan announced that eradicating poverty will automatically help reduce crime and delinquency. He also said that poverty reduction will put an end to anti-social behaviour and will give people their dignity back.

The candidate further stated that his campaign is driven by the need to reduce poverty. “We must refuse to accept that poverty is meant to be a permanent condition. To ensure smart and timely investment in the community, we have put together a business and investment committee to advise this campaign. This shows that we are serious about the future,” Mr. Harrigan added.