VIP To Unite A Divided BVI: Fahie Says


Chairman of the Virgin Islands Party (VIP) Hon. Andrew Fahie said that he intends to unify the Territory which is currently being divided – locals against expatriates – by individuals for personal reasons.

While speaking at the launch of the VIP’s Fifth District candidate on 19 January Hon. Fahie said that he was disturbed to see that some of his opponents are using some of the expatriate communities for political reasons.

He said that the Virgin Islands Party is not interested in enticing persons for a vote, but is instead interested in cohesion. “We are going to make sure that … you have a future and you will have a seat at the table with the Virgin Islands Party,” he said in reference to expatriate residents.

Hon. Fahie accused the incumbent National Democratic Party of not loving Caribbean residents. He said: “The government is talking love but don’t show love. They say that they love the Caribbean people and the rest of us hate them and they are promoting that, but they are the ones who took your work exemption from 10 years to 20 years. They talking love but they don’t show love. They talking love but they took your residency from 10 to 20 years but they are talking love but they don’t show love. They took the work permit fees and carried them so far up that you can’t even touch some of them.”

“I firmly believe that if you don’t want someone in your country after 10 years and so tell them. To have anybody in your country after 20 years and not give them status is criminal and I know some of our people don’t like to hear this but you cannot do that to somebody they are contributing. But this government turn around and did citizen by investment,” Hon. Fahie said.

He further announced that the Virgin Islands Party intends to have citizenship through skills for deserving non-nationals. “Once you help us build the Virgin Islands you will be able to fast track.”

Nonetheless, he said that he will not tolerate disrespect of Virgin Islanders. “I gon respect our people but at the same time you can’t have them disrespecting us nor we disrespecting them.”