Vip To Elect Executive Committee


The Virgin Islands Party Congress will be electing a new Executive Committee in August. In a press release issued to the media on Sunday, President of the Party Carvin Malone explained that the August date was selected after analysis of the general election results, keeping in mind the pivotal nature and significance of the election of members to the next VIP Executive Committee.

In making the announcement the VIP President stated: “It has been determined that the VIP Elections is best scheduled for Saturday 29 August 2015. This election timeframe is within the three months stipulated in the VIP Constitution and in contrast to an expedited or a snap election it allows for persons interested in participating in the process to be identified, qualified and examined by members of the VIP Congress.”

The August VIP internal elections would consider officers to fill the top executive posts that are to be made vacant. The posts to be vacated include: Chairman, President, Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Public Relations Officer, and Assistant Public Relations Officer.

During last week word of an impasse between the members of the Opposition as it relates to the selection of the Opposition Leader was mentioned in the media. It was also disclosed that the Governor was informed of the situation surrounding the appointment of an Opposition Leader.

This situation was mentioned in the VIP press release as it announced that the VIP Congress Executive will provide advice to the Governor: “With regard to the appointment of the Leader of the Opposition, the VIP Executive Committee will continue to offer advice sought by His Excellency the Governor in the discharge of his duties under Section 70 (1) and (2) of the Virgin Islands Constitution. It is of interest that the Virgin Islands Constitutional Order 2007 does not specify the basis on which His Excellency would make his decision as it was customary that the decision of Leader of the Opposition would be negotiated between sitting members without consultation with the VIP Congress or its Executive. The Executive members welcome the opportunity to participate and are cognizant that this impasse is not unique to the Virgin Islands,” the release stated.