VIP Promises 1,000 Jobs In 1,000 Days


The Virgin Islands Party (VIP) has promised to deliver 1000 jobs in 1000 days if elected and Chairman of the Party Andrew Fahie is confident that this is a very realistic undertaking.

The commitment was made on 19 February during the presentation of the VIP’s manifesto. As he announced the plan, Hon. Fahie explained that the 1000 jobs will be created through the process of encouraging and promoting investments; providing the framework for the development of small businesses, rebuilding the Territory’s infrastructure and expanding services.

“We can confidently declare today that a VIP government of which I will be honored to lead, will guarantee the creation of a minimum 1,000 jobs in 1,000 days. Our projection of 1,000 jobs is a conservative estimate – that’s why we say a minimum – because we are quite excited and optimistic that through our bold policy approaches and our encouragement of small business development, we can achieve much more than this,” Hon. Fahie said.

In presenting a breakdown of how the 1000 jobs will be created, the VIP Chairman explained that the figure takes into consideration direct jobs created as a result of a VIP government’s proposed policies – and other spin-off effects will strengthen the local economy.

“When construction workers get back to work; when hotel services are expanded – it’s not just those jobs in those areas that will be positively impacted, but in spin-offs in the bars and the shops, in human services, in education and so forth,” he explained.

He said that as the construction sector expands there will be a greater demand for masons, carpenters, plumbers, electricians and so forth; and he called on the young people of the BVI to be in a position to exploit these opportunities.

Mr. Fahie said that in tandem with the job creation would be skills and training initiatives to ensure that the opportunities benefit Virgin Islanders. “With urgency, we will meaningfully fund a short and medium-term skills training programme that will seek to get 50 young people trained in such fields as quickly as possible. The skill area is a huge area with growth potential and income earning potential.  This time around we will ensure that our people are prepared for the progress to come.”