VIP Leader Says The Future Of His Party Looks Much Brighter


The main Opposition Virgin Islands Party announced that it is getting ready to unveil the slate of candidates who will be representing the Party in the upcoming elections that are slated for 2019.

30 November marked one year since the Virgin Islands Party (VIP) elected a new Administrative Executive Committee and Hon. Andrew Fahie as the Chairman/Leader of the Party and since then it was announced that much planning and preparation for the next general elections took place.

During an interview with The Island Sun newspaper on Tuesday 5 December Hon. Fahie confirmed that persons are indicating interest in standing for public office: “I can state that many, many, many, persons continue to come forward to join the party and also express their interest in running with the VIP. It is fair to say that we are in the advanced stages of soon being called to order in terms of the VIP Congress to start to select the other 12 candidates that will be running with the VIP.”

The first year of the new Committee and Chairman has not been smooth as there has been a public showing of unhappiness by some members of the Party in response to the fact that former Chairman and Third District Representative, Hon. Julian Fraser was not selected for the post.

However, Hon. Fahie announced that efforts are being made to restore unity in the Party: “During my tenure I can safely state that the VIP has and continues to do whatever it takes to settle any grievances any member, elected or otherwise, may have. If anyone still have those grievances simply means that they refused to have the matter solved. Thus my conscience is totally clear. I refuse to keep the VIP and my heart full of the past so that our hearts and hands can be free to grab and embrace the bright future that is in the direct path of the Virgin Islands Party,” he explained.

As it relates to the year in office, and the future goals of the VIP, Hon. Fahie said that both the Chairman and Committee aim to move the Territory forward: “We were tasked with leading the Party and the Virgin Islands into once again being God fearing and a country of peace, unity, prosperity, accountability, transparency, loyalty, patience, truthfulness and trustworthiness. It has been challenging but we have experienced more victories than defeats.”

“We are closer than some think towards putting the Virgin Islands back into the hands of the people of the Virgin Islands and not just a select few. I take this time to thank each Member of my VIP Administrative Executive Committee for their hard work and dedication over the past year.  I also must thank everyone for their continued support and prayers,” he added.