VIP Gov.t To Tackle Priorities In Its First 100 Days


The newly elected Virgin Islands Party (VIP) Government has challenged itself to not only deliver 1000 jobs in 1000 days, but to also address more than 17 areas in short order.

Following an intense campaign season and after hosting a motorcade that was described as one of the largest witnessed, the Virgin Islands Party ascended to power on 25 February claiming eight of the 13 seats of the House of Assembly including all of the four At Large.

Now that the elections are history the government is faced with urgent matters such as the official swearing of the Cabinet and the constitutional requirement of the House of Assembly passing the 2019 budget no later than 30 April.

During the campaign the VIP outlined in its Manifesto a work-plan of “short term prioritie and critical actions” that would be addressed in the first period of the administration.

Throughout the campaign period and even in an interview with the media immediately after the Party was declared the winner Premier Hon. Andrew Fahie announced that the first thing the new government will be doing is assessing the state of the economy and seeing what the BVI’s financial standing is.

The VIP Manifesto envisaged the restoration of “good governance, transparency, and accountability” in the government. It was also stated that the VIP plans to work on improve the standard of living in the BVI.

Following the assessment of the financial situation inherited from the NDP administration, the VIP plans to meet with the RDA in order to agree on plans and a timeline. The VIP said that government will be focused on rebuilding schools, the library, public service offices and various recreational facilities.

The fact that a number of citizens and residents were not in their homes 17 months after the 2017 hurricanes the VIP has promised to look into the matter by removing what was described as red-tape. “[We would] remover the impediments under the control of government so that we can get our residents back into their homes and jobs,” the ruling Party announced.

The VIP intends to swoop down on the need to strengthen the economy through the reinforcement of the tourism portfolio. This strengthened tourism portfolio is expected to place emphasis on helping the accommodation sector to accelerate recovery and focus on environmental matters as well.

There is a plan to initiate a one-stop-shop for local and foreign investments to attract and help businesses set up in the Territory for various service-based industries. Also, it was noted that public servants will be having input into the legislative agenda for the next four years.

Additionally, public health and safety checks are expected to be conducted shortly on various schools and other public infrastructures.

On the issue of crime prevention there is an urgent plan for the establishment of a gun crime reduction committee. Similarly, immigration reform is part of the early actions as the Party said that it will be establishing an immigration committee to ensure that the systems are fair and is consistently putting Virgin Islanders first.

The passage of consumer protection and whistleblower legislation is expected to be fast tracked.  The VIP government is expected to ensure that critical pieces of legislation are being attended to in a responsible and timely fashion.