VIP Announces At Large Candidates


Leader of the Opposition and Chairman of the Virgin Islands Party has dared the Government to call elections – as he announced that the VIP now has a full slate of candidates ready to go to the polls.

Hon. Fahie launched the challenge on 1 December during a press conference that was called to announce that the VIP congress had selected Neville ‘Sheep’ Smith, Sharie DeCastro, Carvin Malone, and Shereen Flax-Charles as the Party’s At Large candidates.

The four candidates were selected out of the nine that made a bid for the At Large spots. Following the selection process it was disclosed that DeCastro garnered 51 votes, Flax-Charles received 44 votes while a 58 votes tie was recorded for Smith and Malone. It was also noted that contender Julian Willock lost his bid by four votes. The other persons who vied for the At Large seats were Irene Penn-O’Neal, Claude Skelton Cline, Mitzy Simpson, and Elton “All Out” Sprauve.

After announcing that the Party has identified a candidate to run in the Second District and will disclose the name later Hon. Fahie beamed as he declared that the VIP is now ready for the election: “I am proud to know that through a democracy, through a democratic process, through people that truly love the Virgin Islands we were able to rebuild, reload, reenergize the Virgin Islands Party…Actually now we have moved from the laughing stock that was just being tolerated now to a viable option for the people of the Virgin Islands this next general elections to one that’s going to be celebrated.”

In issuing a challenge to the Government to announce elections date now, Hon. Fahie said: “We know that we are in this for the people and we have learned a lot of lessons and we’re going to take those lessons to the forefront…We are the only Party right now after all that has been said and done, after all the fun and jokes about us who have 14 members so to speak, ready for the next general elections…I dare them now to call a snap-election.”

 “We did not assemble a team of friends and family so that they could just be yes-persons. We assembled a team out of the bowels of the people of the nine districts [who]have come together and said, based on our voting, these (candidates) are what we want to go forward,” he added.