Vikings Flog Island Stars in Peter Haycraft Twenty 20 Cup battle


Island Stars’ Wicketkeeper Dennis “Babylon” Brown, tries to break the bales and run out a Vikings player, during Sundays match in Greenland

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

After two wickets fell around him, opener Rajleran Seepersaud and Collis Fraser carried the Vikings to an eight wicket victory over the Island Stars on Sunday, in the battle for the Peter Haycraft Twenty 20 Cup in Greenland, a tournament in which nine teams are competing.

Seepersaud had 112 not out and a supporting 37 not out from Collis Fraser, as they responded to Island Stars’ 216 from 20 overs, with 220 for 2, for an eight wicket victory.

Island Stars’ Elvet Phillips snatched 2 for 30.

“It was a tall total but we batted at the run rate—we calculated how many we had to make per over and came down to the 19th over for the win,” said Seepersaud who ended the match with a towering six. “That’s how we got it done.”

 He said it felt good to lead his team to victory.

“Looking forward to making more runs,” he said. “We have a good squad, although we didn’t have the full turnout today, but, we stuck together, played together and we won.”

Island Stars’ captain Kelon Robin who narrowly missed a coveted century with 99 runs and got a contributing 30 from Alixson Augustine, said his team didn’t play the basics of the game and players have failed to show up for practice.

“We didn’t play as a team, missed simple, simple catches—just the very basic things made us lose this game,” he said. “As anyone who was watching the game could see, our batting is there, it’s just the fielding killing us. Guys need to show up to practice.”

Tournament hosts Roadtown Wholesale came up 28 runs short of victory, chasing the Virgin Gorda Spartans’ 191 total, when they replied with 163 in 17 overs. Austin McDowall led Roadtown Wholesale with a spirited 45.

The Spartans’ Sean St. Clair, bagged 3 for 27.

Charles Nick had 66 and Michael Castello contributed 22, for the Virgin Gorda Spartans’ victory.

Roadtown Wholesale’s Joel Williams, snatched 4 for 23.

The tournament for Haycraft, a longtime Royal BVI Yacht Club Commodore, BVI Spring Regatta founding member and founder of Roadtown Wholesale, usually follows the BVI Cricket Association league, which is not on this year.