Victims’ Satisfaction Survey To Be Carried Out


Acting Commissioner of Police Alwin James disclosed that the RVIPF fell short in the area of communication, and that a new survey was being implemented. Mr. James made the announcement at the opening service of Police Week, which was held on Saturday, 26 February.

The Acting Commissioner while presenting the 2015 crime figures said that persons complained that the RVIPF was generally poor at showing empathy, communicating the process and following up with victims of crime.

“Much of our unfavourable commentary generally is because we fail to empathize with our public. Now it would be unfortunate if this becomes the headline of any news story because there is too much good news to report here today. I am simply laying the background for our improvements,” he said.

As a means of remedying the situation Mr. James announced that the Force will be launching a second Victims’ Satisfaction Survey to garner the views on the level service, support, respect and attention given by officers.

“Senior officers, that is Superintendents and Chief Inspectors, will conduct this survey of those who come into contact with our service and report their findings. The output should be closer supervision and informed directives, instruction by senior officer and greater level of accountability by responding officers. We have also included the necessary check and balances to ensure authenticity of the process,” he said.

The RVIPF also promised that results of this survey will be also made public