In 2008 the House of Assembly passed a 23 clause bill entitled Virgin Islands Cadet Corp Act, 2008; and now five years later the organization is celebrating its fifth birthday.

Back in 2008 the Legislators spoke prophetically of what the then non-existent Cadet Corp was going to be and what the effect the organization would have had in the moulding of the Territory’s youths; and half a decade later the dream has been realised.

However, Chair of the Cadet Corp Board, Mitch Turnbull pointed out in an interview that the Corp is not just another service organization, and mentioned that a main focus of the organization is discipline, and creating youths who are leaders today.

“The Virgin Islands Cadet Corp is a very instrumental body in what we need the face of this Territory to look like in the future. I am encouraging all that govern to put their full support, resources, monies, and efforts to ensure that the Corp does not just exist on paper, but is equipped to function in the manner which it is fully capable of functioning. It is how we treat our young people now that will determine what happens to us in the future,” Mr. Turnbull said.

Public Relations Officer and Second Lieutenant, Janice Smith described the past years as ‘rewarding’: “You see where students were when they came in, and then to see them transformed…to see them making the honour roll, and lists; and the many great reviews from parents who report success stories of how their children made complete 360 degree changes is rewarding,” the Second Lieutenant said.

Ms. Smith also pleaded for funding as she explained that organization is trying to finance the required overseas training travels of the Cadets.

The Cadet Corp Board is governed by the Virgin Islands Cadet Corp Council which comprises of His Excellency Governor, Boyd McCleary as Chair, Premier, Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith, Deputy Premier, Dr. the Hon. Kedrick Pickering, Commissioner of Police, David Morris, Attorney General, Dr. the Hon. Christopher Malcolm,  Minister for Education, and Culture, Hon. Myron Walwyn and Cabinet Secretary, Ms. Sandra Ward as the Secretary of the Council.

The Corp is ran by the commandant, Major Selwyn Rock, and the other adult officers. The Corp currently has about 50 young youths between ages 11 and 19 enrolled. The organization meets every Friday afternoon, and Saturdays and have camps three times per year. Anyone interested in joining can contact Major Selwyn Rock at 468 9155.