VG Olympic Swimming Pool To Be Ready In 2017


The Virgin Gorda Olympic swimming pool will be ready next year! This disclosure was made after questions about the pool were asked during the week as residents praised 16-year old Elinah Phillip, the BVI’s first swimmer in the Olympic Games.

Many opined that a fully functioning pool on Virgin Gorda would not only be an asset in preparing Phillip for the next Olympics, but also for training youth.

Therefore, in an attempt to obtain an update on the project, The Island Sun newspaper contacted Ms. Franka Pickering who is affiliated with the Virgin Gorda Charitable Company Limited (VGCCL), the organization that is spearheading the pool project.

Ms. Pickering disclosed that the pool will be opened sometime in 2017. When asked why the project has been delayed, Ms. Pickering explained that financing was a factor.

Since the pool project commenced many in the community noted that the initiative was a needed one, and understandably, some expressed concern that the VGCCL was not adequately supported in the endeavour.

One of the persons who aired concern about the delay in the project was the Treasurer of the People’s Empowerment Party (PEP), Lorie Rymer  back in 2014. At that time Rymer said that he was disappointed that the recreational swimming pool that was being constructed on Virgin Gorda was yet to be completed.

The VGCCL began constructing the sports and recreational facility as a donation to the Virgin Gorda community. Upon completion, title to the facility will be gifted to the Government of the BVI. The Ministry of Education and Culture will assume full responsibility for its operational management.

It is anticipated this pool will be used to start a competitive swimming program in the British Virgin Islands, as well as inter-Caribbean youth competition.  The pool will also be used by the community of Virgin Gorda for recreational swimming and Water Safety Training.

Adjacent to the Olympic swimming pool, there will be a smaller swimming pool designed for handicap access and instruction for younger children.  The facility will also have locker rooms, a grand stand and a state of the art timing system and scoreboard