VG Olympic swimming pool nears completion


Ninth District Representative, Dr. the Hon. D. Hubert O’Neal announced that the Olympic size swimming pool project that commenced years ago will soon be completed and be in full use in the District.

“Don’t mind the noise, we’re getting things done,” Hon. O’Neal told the gathering. The District Representative mentioned the swimming pool project as he announced the various sports and recreational facilities planned for Virgin Gorda.

Last year at a public meeting held on 9 November in the Ninth District Hon. O’Neal announced the grand plans for the BVI’s Olympic specification swimming pool, and he stated that the pool will be completed, and will be used by educational institutions.

“The swimming pool that has been sitting there idle for years and years, that swimming pool is going to be completed,” the District Representative told his constituents at the meeting.

In explaining the importance of finally completing the pool, which is years overdue, Hon. O’Neal said: “It is going to be completed, and maintained so that it can be used not just for our schools here locally, but it would be a facility for even visiting schools from North America and about. There are lots of colleges that may want to come down here to spend the winter in training and so on, so this will also be a facility that is potentially beneficial to us.”

Early in 2016 questions about the swimming pool surfaced as residents praised 16-year old Elinah Philip, the BVI’s first swimmer in the Olympic Games. Many opined that the fully functioning pool on Virgin Gorda would not only be an asset in preparing Philip for the next Olympics, but for the training of other youth.

Since the pool project commenced many in the community noted that the initiative was a needed one and understandingly, some expressed concern that the Virgin Gorda Charitable Company Limited (VGCCL) was not being better supported in the endeavour.