VG Needs More Parking Lots


The limitation of adequate parking space extends beyond Tortola and is being noted as an inconvenience on the sister island of Virgin Gorda as well.

Mention of the need for more parking spaces was made by Ninth District Representative, Dr. the Hon. Hubert O’Neal during the recent opening of Riteway supermarket on Virgin Gorda.

The District Representative while noting that Riteway added a few parking spaces announced that there continues to be a need for more parking lots on the island: “I am fully aware of the vehicle parking issue. When we have the cruise-shippers coming from Tortola going to The Baths it isn’t easy to traverse when we have persons parking along the road-sides; so we have to come up with some solutions to solve the parking issues here…”

The problem of finding or making space to facilitate parking is a complex one and Hon. O’Neal called on his constituents to assist with suggestions: “I welcome anyone with ideas I don’t have all the ideas, but I welcome you to my next District meeting where we can sit and discuss the ideas how to manage the parking issues here in this area. There is nothing that cannot be solved and we together as Virgin Gordians can solve this,” Dr. O’Neal told the gathering. “One of the things that comes to mind is the surrounding land owners here, this might be an opportunity for you to open up your land and make it available for parking,” the District Representative added. He even suggested that a church with a large parking space can offer parking. “We are going to work it out as a community and get it right,” Hon. O’Neal further announced.