VG: The Crowning Glory Of Bvi Tourism Needs Something Better Than A Tent


The concern that a tent is still being used for passenger seating in Virgin Gorda was expressed during the 1 October Speak Your Mind JTV Television program.

During the programme, someone sent a text message to hosts Courtney de Castro and John Lewis expressing disappointment about the use of a tent instead of a building. “Virgin Gorda was named in many travel magazines as a top spot in the Caribbean when will we get rid of the tent on the dock,” the message said.

In response Mr. de Castro said that the unhappiness about the situation is warranted in consideration of Virgin Gorda’s contribution to the Territory’s tourism economy: “There is discontent that Virgin Gorda is the premier part of our tourism destination and it should be treated as such,” he said.

Back in 2013 it was announced that Government intended to move ahead with plans to have separate port facilities for cargo and ferry passengers in Virgin Gorda. At that time Minister for Communications and Works Hon. Mark Vanterpool announced that the project would cost some $2.5M.

“Over on Virgin Gorda, a project to separate the cargo and passenger facilities, and to introduce a complimentary service for passengers traveling to the Sister Island, has been budgeted for. This is expected to cost, in the region of, $2.5 million,” he stated on July 23, 2013 during a press conference held at Maria’s by the Sea.

Additionally, the Minister said funds have been approved to build an additional dock in The Valley, and work should progress over the next two years.