In September it was announced that the Nurse Iris O’Neal clinic in Virgin Gorda, which has had many completion dates might be finally opening. The time frame for the opening was said to be before the end of 2019. However, based on mentions that were made by Premier and Minister for Finance Hon. Andrew Fahie in the 2020 Budget Estimates it is likely this might not be so.

The Premier, in his address delivered on 19 November did not say much about the facility that has been referred to as a mini hospital. He also did not state a definite opening date. What the BVI Leader did mention was that the facility will not begin to function until next year.

Hon. Wheatley while speaking in the House of Assembly on September 2 during the Private Members Business segment gave hints that the clinic was going to be opened year end.

Before Hon. Wheatley made that comment Minister for Health and Social Hon, Carvin Malone announced on June 13 in his report on his 100 days in office that the clinic, which was started since 2015 will finally open.

The Health Minister said, “Looking ahead, we continue to rebuild the health and social infrastructure through ongoing repairs to clinics, community centres and other critical facilities; and look forward to the handover of the new Nurse Iris O’Neal Medical Centre within the coming weeks.”