Vg & Anegada Govt Buildings Need Serious Attention: Hon. Christian


The problems plaguing the Government Administration Buildings that are located on Anegada and Virgin Gorda were highlighted by At Large Representative, Hon. Archibald Christian during the recent Standing Finance Committee sitting.

Hon. Christian told his colleagues that he had concerns regarding the maintenance of the buildings on the sister islands and queried the completion date for work on the Anegada Administration Complex. He was informed by Permanent Secretary in the Deputy Governor’ Office, Mr. David Archer that works had been completed in November 2014.

However, Hon. Christian stated that he was on Anegada a few weeks before Standing Finance Committee sittings and received a list of concerns about telephone lines being down, office equipment not functioning, building material still on site and the site not properly cleaned.

Additionally Hon. Christian mentioned that the Virgin Gorda Administration Complex had a hole in the ceiling and the elevators were not working for several months.

In response Mr. Archer said that the works for maintenance were handed over to Public Works Department therefore he said that any repairs to be executed were managed by that Department.

The Permanent Secretary stated that the hole and elevator were points for concern. He stated that the Public Works Department was currently having difficulties with maintenance and completion of the works

Nonetheless, Hon. Christian asked if there had been any discussion between the Deputy Governor’  Office and the Public Works Department in regards to when the repairs would be done and at what cost. He further stated that the matter should have already been dealt with and should be given priority