V.I.P. To Elect New Chairman


Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Julian Fraser hurled some scathing accusations at the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) in his bid for re-election as Chairman of the Virgin Islands Party.

Hon. Fraser who will compete against fellow Opposition Member Hon. Andrew Fahie for the post of Party Chairman during the November 30 VIP elections announced that he is the candidate that is better suited to address alleged issues caused by the current government.

“The NDP administration is suspected of corruption, mismanagement of public funds, maladministration, and a disconnect with the electorate,” Hon. Fraser said as he chided the Party that garnered 60% of the votes in 2015 and secured 11 of the 13 seats in the House of Assembly leaving the VIP with only two seats.

He also accused the government of marginalizing the Territory’s citizens, and stated that he can fix the problem: “Virgin Islanders are being marginalized in the workplace, and the NDP is either party to it, or at best condones it. These circumstances and others, spell a sense of gloom that our next leader must have a strategy to redirect the Virgin Islands. And I think of myself as that person.”

In making his case for re-election, Hon. Fraser added: “Three weeks ago, I was in Virgin Gorda and I told the people that the hard times they were experiencing was a prophecy of mine during the last general elections if they failed to elect the Julian Fraser led Virgin Islands Party. Now that prophecy is being seen and felt throughout the Virgin Islands.”

“After giving consideration to the upcoming elections for the Executive of the Virgin Islands Party, I was forced to take into consideration the journey through which our territory has traveled in this short six NDP years, where our treasury has been raided, moneys spent with total disregard to any fiscal responsibilities, accusations of corruption, money laundering, labeled a tax haven, black listed, a declining Financial Services sector, among others, and imagining the destination, I could not see myself removed from being a part of rescuing the people of this Territory from this bunch of incompetent now running our country. So it is for this reason I have decided to seek re-election to the office of Chairman of the Virgin Islands Party,” he added.

First District Representative, Hon. Andrew Fahie has also commenced campaigning for the post of VIP Chairman and has since issued a commercial and print advertising.

In his commercial that was circulated on Facebook, Hon. Fahie’s message is “With Andrew A. Fahie as the new chairman, the Virgin Islands Party and the Territory of the Virgin Islands will rise. Together we will build a Virgin Islands for you and for me…Together we will rise.”