V.I. Party President For 17 Years Retires


On 23 October President of Virgin Islands Party, Carvin Malone announced that he would not be standing for re-election in November’s internal Party elections.
In a statement to the media, Mr. Malone said that he would not be contesting the internal elections and noted that the time has come for someone else to hold the post: “Today, I announce that I would not stand for re-election to the post of President of the Virgin Islands Party at the 30 November internal elections. The opportunity now exists for capable, willing, experienced and able persons to offer their talents, and to be effective in forwarding the Principles and Aims of the Virgin Islands Party and thereby building a ‘Better Virgin Islands for all’.”
Mr. Malone stated that although he is resigning he would assist the newly elected Executive Committee members in whatever capacity deemed appropriate. However, he announced that he is very concerned that persons are not stepping up to the plate to try and make a difference, but rather prefer the sidelines: “I am amazed and challenged that additional experienced, and capable persons continue to find it personally convenient to be mere critical spectators at a time when the country need them most. Our capable and experienced citizens remain non-participatory at a time when national and international events will definitely reshape the political, social and economic landscape of the British Virgin Islands.”
Nonetheless, he stated that as President he is pleased that with the conduct of the 30 November elections the 12 Aims and three Principles that are stated in the Constitution of the Virgin Islands Party would once again be upheld.”
He also reflected on his time as President of the Party: “I have served as President of the Virgin Islands Party for over 17 years, and during the period I have twice initiated the review of the VIP Constitution and conducted four General Elections and one By-election. It would be descriptive enough to remark that I have seen the best of times and I have also witnessed the worst of times.”