Detective Superintendent Alexis Charles, Head of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force Crime Division announced that the lone homicide of 2013 is still actively being looked into by the RVIPF. He also stated that during this year police intend to focus on unsolved murders.

During a recent press conference, Detective Superintendent Charles reminded that the RVIPF only recorded one homicide in 2013 – the murder of Cornel Melbourne Francis in May — remains under active investigations and that the family is being kept abreast of the Police progress in that particular quest.

Mr. Charles explained that the Force has had success in solving a number of homicide cases, but noted that there are some that remain unsolved, and plans are being made to take another look at these cases: “We are well aware that a number of unsolved cases still remain on our books. All unsolved cases remain open and while it is difficult to focus on the more historic cases because of current events, we as an organization remain committed to set aside resources to focus on all our open cases.”

As such, he said that during the course of this calendar year the unsolved cases will be reviewed on their merits: “We remain committed to bringing offenders to justice whenever the evidence is present to satisfy the Director of Public Prosecutions. I would restate the position that, as far as the Royal Virgin Islands Police is concerned, the investigations into all unsolved homicides remain open and therefore we are keen to hear from members of the community who may have any pertinent information relating to these matters. I therefore take this opportunity to make a public appeal for information that may assist in progressing any or all of these outstanding matter,” the Detective Superintendent announced.

Mr. Charles stated that over the course of 2014 the RVIPF will be looking at the archive materials that they have on hand, will have a fresh look at suspects who would have been identified in individual cases, but because of the demands of the legal system the police was unable to charge. “Each case will present different challenges, different opportunities, so we will deal with them individually,” he said.

Commissioner of Police Mr David Morris explained that an unsolved murder does not say that the police are no longer investigating. He also announced that the RVIPF will be trying to put a lot of focus on unsolved murders this year: “When you look at unsolved murders, and unsolved crimes it is always that the urgent overtake the importance because of the resourcing issues that we have here in Territory…This year we want to focus on unsolved homicides we still have the families of the victims,” he said.

On May 9, 2013 Melbourne Francis, 30, of Long Look was pronounced dead at the scene around 10pm.