Unnamed Former Governor Allegedly Causing Difficulties


Which former Governor? That is the question many are pondering following a disclosure from Minister for Health and Social Development Hon. Ronnie Skelton that a former Governor of the BVI was in the United Kingdom causing difficulties for local legislators. Hon. Skelton who made the comment during his contribution to the debate on the Virgin Islands Recovery and Development Agency Act, 2018 did not say which Governor.

While speaking in the House on 23 March Hon. Skelton said: “We had a Governor here, I understand he is up there causing all of this problem. I understand that from reliable sources; don’t ask me for a piece of paper because I don’t have it. But because he couldn’t get his way here, he gone up there to get his way,”

“To say he is imposing all of these things. All of a sudden all of these things we are doing wrong. We have institutions here in this country that are beacons to some of the world.”

Many persons are speculating that Hon. Skelton might have been referring to immediate past Governor John Duncan who in the months leading up to his departure was not shy to speak of matters of concerns to him as it relates to the Government.

Former Governor Duncan publicly blasted the Government at an event held at Balsam’s Ghut in February 2017 and announced that “the Governor does not do gesture politics. The days of tipping hats and Governors kissing babies are well and truly over. If you want to see what they look like, you can go to the Government Museum, but don’t expect this Governor to engage in that.”

At that forum Mr. Duncan also called for legislations such as a Data Protection Act, Freedom of Information Act, Whistle Blower Act, and the establishment of the Human Rights Council.

Later on 16 March 2017 Governor Duncan shocked many when he announced his intent to invoke his powers under section 103 of the Constitution in order to have $800,000 allocated to the RVIPF to meet their needs.

During the final days of his tenure Governor Duncan asked the then Acting Auditor General (AG), to conduct an audit into the $1M security wall project at the Elmore Stoutt High School (ESHS).